Placement & Alignment Tools

Take the guess work out of design placement. Use these embroidery placement tools from Designs in Machine Embroidery (DIME) to achieve perfect & consistent embroidery centering and design placement every time you embroider.

Heat Presses

Heat Presses

Geo Knight & Co is known throughout the imprinting industry for top-end, high-quality heat press machinery. For heat pressing t-shirts, caps, plates, mugs or anything that requires heat transfer printing, find a solution for your needs and budget.

Reliable Garment Steamers

Garment Steamers

Reliable’s line of products includes handheld, travel, and standing garment steamers. With their elegant design and a list of remarkable features, these products are a practical solution to meet your unique needs.

Fine Line Software

Best Value in Lettering and Utility Software Software and specially-digitized fonts for small text and 60 wt. embroidery thread. Fine Line Software makes it fun and easy to create professional quality embroidered lettering.


Available while supplies last!
Embroidererables are the perfect gift for anyone. Personalize our selection of embroidery blanks to add a special touch including Embroider Buddy® plushies and blankeys, and assorted pillows.