EMS - HoopTech
The TCS clamping systems and Quick Change sewing windows are perfect for hard-to-frame items such as bags, purses, and pockets. The interchangeable windows come in a variety of sizes and require no tools for window changes. Choose the window options that best fit your work and add additional windows when needed.
The HoopMaster is the easiest to use embroidery hooping aid on the market.The HoopMaster's many patented features make hooping easy, faster, and more consistent. Document logo placement for quick setups and more consistent placement. Custom made for your hoops, so there is no hardware to adjust.
Micro Framing Devices
The easy-to-use Micro Framer™ features a pneumatic laser guide and a movable platen that, acting together, successfully take human error out of the embroidery framing equation. No more puckered fabrics, no more inconsistent placement of logos or text—you can expect a significant increase in speed and a far more efficient production process.