Combining cutting-edge technology with an acute attention to detail ensures Triumph Needle Corporation produces the highest quality embroidery needles with easy threading and friction reduction.

Commercial Straight Stitch Needles
Chrome • Titanium • Ceramic
Various point types and blade sizes. 100/Box

Home Machine Flat Shank Needles
Compatible with multi-needle and single needle embroidery machines. 100/Box

Meistergram Machine Needles
Ball point and extra light ball point needles for Meistergram machines. 100/Box

Needle Solutions Kit
Round Shank Needle Assortment

Now you can have 10 needles in every blade size and point type to test on unusual or tricky fabrics. The kit also gives recommendations on which needles to try to get the best result, keeping your testing time to a minimum. After the best needles are identified, you can order a box of 100 for your production needs.